Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Grrrrrr, Still no baby!!! Now I know humans can be a LITTLE (no a lot) weird sometimes but who thinks they would be cuckoo enough to make up an animal (they'd have to have a brain to do that.) And even if they DID then why is Mum and Peter away and why is Nana here again-she hasn't come up for this long before. What do you guys think. Some of you's are humans so you must know something. Comments needed please. If this 'baby' character does come, I'll steal Loz's camera and get some snaps of him.

Now I need some comments off some doggy pals here! Have you guys heard of  baby before. If so I need info people...I mean pooches!!!! 

Meanwhile, you can admire some dazzling pics of my doggy friends.
Okay, he may not be a dog but this is Laurens OTHER half-bro Thomas! Isn't he cute!Maybe we'll have a new baby to show soon!

This is Roman- one of my doggy friends. He is a blue roan Cocker Spaniel!
 Roman in mid-woof! He was telling Loz and JJ to bog off with the camera but they wouldn't listen!!

Roman (again)
Roman in full-force bark mode with Charlie in the background. Charlie doesn't know why the heck Romn is trying to eat JJ and me.
 This is Raffs on the lead on a walk
 Raffles in our local park
 Lazy Raffs
 Raffles in our local park

Thanks everyone! Please read older posts if you haven't already x

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