Friday, 11 February 2011

Just Saying Hi

Hi everyone! First day of my blog today and I hope I have plenty of followers. First of all here is a picture of me!! Aren't I gorgeous! The title for my blog is meant to say autobiography by the way! Anyway, here is a bit about me!

 I used to be a stray but was taken in by the kennels and rescued by my family. I am a Labrador cross of about 7 years old now-I was five when rescued. I now have a great life-much better tha being a stray or being in the kennels.I have had a pretty lazy day today but tommorrow is Saturday which means a good long, run.I can't wait! If anyone has any questions or fancies a chat please post.PLEAASSEEEE!!! I want to start off with lots of followers pleaaaassseee!


  1. Helloooooooooo very nice to meet you, gorgeous girly :)
    What is your favourite treat?

  2. Aww thanks. Is that a trick question!!!! Because I honestly don't know. I like doggy choc drops (my owners won't let me have proper human choccies which is sooooo unfair) and also dental delicious but when we visit Pets At Home there is wayyy more choice in treats and some of them are weird and wacky but great!!!1 So we mix and match my treats!!! I also rather like Schmackos! ;)

  3. Hello there Mille. Sounds like you landed on your 4 paws. Don't like the sound of straying, bet it's pretty scary having no family.
    Oh well, you're sorted now with people who love you. Pleased to meet you and looking forward to hearing about your life.