Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Now I love playing. I am a playful little lady. I have a few faves though.......
  • My squeaky yellow bone
  • My balls
  • Ragz! (picture=right)
  • My Kong (especially when it is stuffed with tasty treats)
  • Tug toy with ball!

I am a playful little pup lol. This is for doggies out there. What are your fave toys. 


  1. Oh the Kong, Millie. It has to be the Kong. (Unless there are shoes about. Then it's the shoes)

  2. Mmmmmm. Yes! Why buy toys when we can just eat shoes. Loz was on her way to a party once and she left her shoes n the bedroom that she was oing to wear! Lets just say I left her a little airhole (okay maybe slightly bigger than an airhole) in the back of the shoe..........