Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Long time, no much to tell...

Hey everyone, I haven't blogged in a while have I. I have a LOT to tell you! So here goes...

Well Mam is back from Labour now (I still don't know where that is?!) But she brought this...this...small thing back with her. They call it baby Jack.' So Mam has come back with this 'baby Jack.' He smells nice, he's a nice new milky smell. As I write he is making a bit of noise (crying!) But I don't mind. I like to guard him when he is in his 'basket' or 'changing mat' or 'bouncy chair.' I curl round him to ward off predators-grrrr!

Lozza and I have started something called clicker training. First of all, for a week, Lozza kept randomly clicking that thing then giving me a treat, or clicking it, waiting then giving me a treat. So its obvious isn't it. Every time Lozza clicks that thing I get a treat. She has been training me lots of new tricks. I like doing training because I like to please Lozza. Plus I get treats! Lauren clicks and treats when she says touch and I put my paw on the little round container in front of me.

Today, Lozza and me are having a lazy day! Lozza is off school-she has had a very bad cold. Lozza told me she is on the football team at school and she has been picked to play in a match tomorrow. She seems pretty excited. Personally, I prefer small tennis balls rather than huge balls but Lauren loves both! I am about to curl up for a nap now. This morning Lauren and I walked to the grassy field at the top of the street and played fetch for a bit and then she fed me when I came back. I would like to know what you poochies are fed for dinner.
This is me and Lozza!
 This is me eating!
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