Saturday, 19 February 2011

Along comes the baby.........I think!!!

Well Mam isn't back from Labour yet but last night Loz, Dan (her older brother) and Peter came in rather late. They had that unmistakeable scent about them-MAM!!!! Also a miixture of weird smells like milk, clean places and something else I've smelt before. I think I've smelt it down Nana's!!!! When Loz's 'BABY' cousins were there!! That explains it all then. Loz's mam is in the 'hopital' and she has had a baby!! Well I think she MUST have had it already. The other night Loz got off the phone and was running round the house screaming 'I HAVE A BABY BROTHER, DON'T WE HAVE A BABY BROTHER MILLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'  She was going loopy!!! But I like babies! Loz has lots of baby cousns and a baby half-brother. I'm not keen on the loud noises they make but they are cute. I think baby Jack is coming home tomorrow! x

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