Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Hey everyone,
My second post and counting. I am soooo happy I have just recieved a new toy over the weekend. Here is a picture of me after a long play with him.

My toys name is Rags and Lauren (my owner) will always say 'fetch Rags! Fetch Rags!' So I do and it's great fun. I chew him and slobber on him quite a lot. I haven't asked him, but I think he's OK with it-he doesn't complain anyway. Bit of a hectic day. Lauren came home from school early and now Mam's not here-she has gone to hospital to have the baby and won't be back for a coupled of days. So Nana is looking after us. Which I like. Nana's nice. Just had a good play with Loz and have settled down and cleaning my paws-I have to look gorgeus you know, beauty like this doesn't come naturally.

The other day Peter (mams boyfriend) came home from a call out he had been on (I think he is a truck driver or soemthing) and showed Lauren a small card. I wondered what it was and went over to investigate. Staring hard at te small cardboard rectangle I tried to decipher the 'letters' on the page to see if I could work out what Lauren and Mam were so excitd about. But I heard the whole conversation. Lauren had recently been  on a site on the computer about a sport calledflyball.Peter had by chance met the woman who owned the club and gave us her card. On the backwere dates for tournaments and practice sessions. So  whatever this flyball is, it must be good and it obvously invloves me-they kept looking at me and Lauren kept saying 'Are we going to flyball, baby!' I reacted in an excited manner. Its just that voice she puts on-her excitement is infectious.

Anyway, I was glad to see Lauren so early in from school and stuff and whatever this 'baby' is it must be good-they seem very happy about it (except Mam whose tummy, I have noticed has grown immensely. I shall have to see when she comes back. My plans for the rest of today are to go out walking with my good friend Charlie (who is Lauren's friends dog.) Lauren has just go off the phone and we're going out with them later, so that'll be fun. Please keep following me!

Wags and Licks, Millie

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