Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Casey and me!!

Casey (as displayed in pictures further down in this blog) is Lauren's cousins Dog!!!! She's cool, too but loves to playfight with me but I put her in her place. She issssss..........2-3 years older than me in human years (whooo!! That took some calculating) and I know you're meant to "respect" your elders but come on, when they're savaging you, waht do you do? Okay, OTT (I learnt that phraze off Lauren lol!)

Anyway she is a great dog and we often go on long walsk together (although not farrrr too long as Casey has unwell paws.) But we found a great walk (Lauren, Casey, Peter and me). It had waterfalls which Lauren and Peter were fascinated by and took loads of pictures of  but I was only interested in paddling in the streams below them (I love swimming!) We went way further this weekend than we did weeks ago because Peter forget his boots then and it was too hard for him to get over little streams in his trainers (wimp! I managed it!) But it was great and I was tired allllll day this weekend so it was great. Casey also nearly fell into the deep stream when Peter was talking to some walkers but we managed to get her in time. Silly thing! I tell you she's like a young pup, so immature! Huh! She doesn't even like water! We walked for a long time and then we had to go back but we did stay for quite a while. Lauren took pictures and videos and so did Peter. All in all a great day!!! But Lauren andCasey really slowed on the uphill walk back to the car.I flew up practically!!!! Here are some pictures we took!!

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