Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Din Din's!!!

Okay peoples. Opinions needed-and NOW! You see I can't figure out this word. Is it one word or is it two word's????? Yeah, so theories about this will be happily accepted. Now here is the things I DO know abut this word!

  • Well, ONE thing  do know immediately is that I love this word!! Seriously, guys, it is A-MAZZZING!!!
  • It means my dinner is ready. Yummmm!!!!!!
  • It also means that I am going to be getting some exciting food because Loz often adds sneaky little things to my normal food to make it EXTRA tasty!!!
  • Sometimes, if I'm good, this word means I gte table scraps.OH YEAH!!!1 Yummy human food, come to Mammy!!!
  • It means I will get a chance to do my hobby-eating!! 
  • I will hear this word either when Peter, Mum and Loz have eaten or when Loz has been in the kithcne preparing my food.
  • I often smell the food before I hear this word (don't tell Lauren-I make it look like i haven't a clue what is going on!)
And THESE are the things I know about this word/s.
Once again peoples, I NEEED to know. It's killing me!! :-)

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