Wednesday, 16 March 2011



'Come here little rabbit, I'm gonna get you little rabbit...come on....don't be scared....pounce....COME BACK HERE RABBIT....COME BACK HERE....I'm running, running, running, running....


 Oh, hi everyone. I've just woke up. I was chasing rabbits! But now I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and I've gotta go out now for my night time walk. Ciao, see yah in a sec.

Yawwnnnn! I am back now and ready to go to bed. But before I do I may as well stay up for a bit with Lozza and Mam. I am lying next to the TV (my favourite place to curl up. Ahhhhhh, stretching out as I type. Hmmmmm....wait a second guys, I am just going to lie at the bottom of the stairs (one of my other favourite places). Hmmm, no I think I best go back into the sitting room. Ahh yeah. I'm just licking myself clean after the walk. I hate being wet and dirty but I do prefer to clean myself rather than being bathed. My tongue is much more traditional than that gloopy, yellow stuff they use on me. Now lets see if anything good is on TV!

Oh-no there isn't. Just the stupid adverts! I hate them, they can really ruin a good TV programme or film. Oh well, I expect Mam is watching some crap because that's all there is on TV at night. Ohhhh well actually, Men Behaving Badly is on. It is actually quite good. Okay well night for now and will see you all tomorrow. Bye!

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